Our Story


The product of our unique background, The Botanist’s Daughter is a botanically inspired, small-batch design, apparel brand.

There is a lot that can be learned from plants. Through the medium of carefully curated seasonal capsules, our brand will attempt to introduce new perspectives about the human experience that can be observed in the botanical world.



Hello! We are so happy you have found yourself here!

Our names are Heather and Hannah - sisters, plant lovers, and the faces behind The Botanist’s Daughter. While this brand only became something tangible recently, its real origin was a childhood spent outdoors, exploring the mountains of B.C. as well as being raised by two botanists whose idea of site-seeing on vacation was to visit the local botanical garden. Thus despite our contrasting interests and personalities, we share a lasting appreciation and love for plants -one we hope to share with you.



Having drawn so much inspiration from the natural world, we recognize the importance of preserving what we have. As such, it is our intention to make an effort to use materials that will leave a minimal impact on the environment. This includes sourcing products that are Canadian-made and composed predominantly of natural fibres where possible, and using 100% recyclable shipping materials. Furthermore, our commitment to creating small product batches allows us to create as little waste as possible.